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Multiplier Event in Italy: (happy) time for an evaluation

A wonderful day on Monday 19th December 2022, together with students and teachers from the school ISS Piaget-Diaz and De Amicis-Cattaneo, educators, community gardeners, representatives of the schools, associations, and public representatives of the Municipality VIII of Rome at the project's multiplication event in Rome: an innovative experiment in non-formal education and blended learning that succeeded in connecting very different worlds: the school, the urban community gardens, and the digital world.

Keywords sorted out during the discussions:









Together with the president of the Municipality VIII of Rome, Amedeo Ciaccheri, and Lorenzo Giardinetti, president of the School Commission, we took the opportunity to present the results of the experimentation to other schools and we enjoyed a wonderful "standing lunch" prepared by the volunteers of the community garden Orti Urbani di Largo Veratti.





LEARNING BUBBLES is an experimentation of collaboration between very different worlds: school, community urban gardens and the digital world. A proposal that seeks to combine the beauty of the natural environment, technological innovation and tradition to promote the well-being of its local communities.

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