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Piloting in UK

The Learning Bubbles pathway in the United Kingdom involved different actors: Gloverspiece Community Care Farm, teachers and students of the independent SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) school Gloverspiece School, teachers and students of the mainstream secondary school Droitwich Spa High School, teachers and SEN students of mainstream secondary school South Bromsgrove High School, home schooled students under the jurisdiction of the local authority. 

The team of educators provided both activities inside and outside the bubbles, rotating the students' individual time to address targets with both group and individual work outdoors across the farm and gardens. This enabled a rich and varied experience and full engagement with the environment, each other and the community. They used the digital technology for the activities both inside the bubbles (for school homework) and for the activities outside, a blended learning approach that offered a range of strategies to deliver both therapeutic and academic outcomes. 


LEARNING BUBBLES is an experimentation of collaboration between very different worlds: school, community urban gardens and the digital world. A proposal that seeks to combine the beauty of the natural environment, technological innovation and tradition to promote the well-being of its local communities.

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